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Application of the Remote Sensing and Geo-spatial technology in terrain analysis and terrain classification in context of creation of SDI for Marine & Coastal regions
Sarbani Saha, Pravin D Kunte, Mahender Kotha

Last modified: 2016-09-19


Terrain analysis includes the collection, analysis, evaluation and interpretation of geographic information on the natural and manmade features of the terrain (topographic or benthic), and combined with other relevant factors to predict the terrain effect on various operations. The present cogitation encapsulates the surface analysis of South Western part of India and Benthic Terrain Analysis of Eastern Arabian Sea using remote sensing in Geospatial domain. The topographic analysis of the Western India is carried out using the spatial analyst tools in Arc GIS 10.2 software and The NASA Shuttle Radar Topographic Mission (SRTM) data to understand the terrain characteristics. Terrain analysis of southern Maharashtra and Goa region is validated using ASTER 3D remote sensing data. Using improved e-topo2 bathymetry data and Benthic Terrain Modeller (BTM) extension of Arc GIS version 10.2, bathymetry position Index (BPI) at broad, fine and standard scale is achieved for preparing slope, depth, and rugosity maps. Based on bathymetry derivative maps, benthic terrain map of the Eastern Arabian Sea is generated and is used to classify benthic environment of the Ocean. Geospatial study is carried out to generate base-level information for terrain analysis and classification. Terrain analysis is a key element in 3D Visualization, Flight Simulation, Project Cost Estimation, Cut and Fill Calculations, Route Feasibility, Environment and Risk Assessments, Line of Sight Analysis, Surface Analysis, Watershed Analysis etc. It is demonstrated that Geospatial technique is one of the most useful tools for surface analysis, benthic terrain analysis and mapping in shortest time and less cost.


Terrain Analyses, Bathymetry Benthic Modeler, Topography

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